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Porsche offered a slantnose or flachbau ("flat construction") version of the 911 Turbo from 1982 following the build of a handful of prototype cars during 1980 and 1981. Early versions of this factory-built special were built on a 'special request' basis. The model originates from a time when wealthy customers wanted road-going 911 models that imitated the look of the successful Porsche 935 race cars. Kremer Racing and DP Motorsport had already started supplying converted 'slantnose' specials, and in 1981 the factory was commissioned to produce a '935 Street' for Mansour Ojjeh, the head of TAG. This car became the first official product of the new 'Special Wishes' program (Sonderwunsch Programm), and was the project that gave momentum to the 930 flachbau or slantnose conversions built by Porsche from 1982 to 1989.

This site charts the history of these rare cars and brings together my social media channels, the 911Flachbau Facebook page and the 930SE Instagram feed, sharing content on all Flachbau variants from owners, enthusiasts and the classic car markets.

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